Have a Life Home Services

About Us

At Have a Life Home Services we believe that life is complicated enough without having to spend huge amounts of time and effort managing and maintaining your house and home. Or… if you decide to get help managing it, spending huge amounts of time and effort managing the help. That’s why we built this business. We focus on being efficient and thorough in communications, offering affordable solutions that make a difference, being flexible to adapt to your specific needs, and proving to you that you made the right choice in choosing us.

Freedom. Trust. Value.
These are the values at the core of our offerings.
  • Freedom for you to spend less time on maintenance and more time on the things that really matter in life.
  • Trust in knowing that you’ve selected a reliable and professional firm, bonded and insured with screened professional crews.
  • Value from our innovative approaches to designing our processes and workflows creating savings for us that we can pass on to you.